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Winter Break Wrap-Up

Your #1 Fan post on January 4th, 2015
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Tomorrow Novalie goes back to school.  Christmas break is over.  I am looking forward to some structure and a schedule.  I can’t wait to put Christmas away, organize and clean.  I have cleaned what feels like 100 times in the past 2 weeks to get rid of germs and keep them away, but having a puppy and a child who loves paper, to draw and to write, makes my house look like I haven’t cleaned…ever.

Novalie’s second week of Christmas break went better than the first week.  She was able to play with her BFF several times.  For two of those playdates (they are 11….I am going to have to stop calling them playdates soon) they played Wii fit for 8 hours each day.  They probably each burned around 1,000 calories, laughed and had so much fun.


Novalie healed from the flu and ready to have some fun finally!

Novalie got a gift certificate to Build-A-Bear from my mom for Christmas, so we made a trip there.  The manager knows Novalie and I just sit back and smile as they have whole conversations with each other.  (I am not one for small talk or sales people talk).  This conversation happened:  “I’m glad you weren’t coming in today looking for Toothless.  We can’t keep him in stock.  We get a big shipment and within 2 hours they are all gone.”  Novalie responded with, “Oh, don’t worry, I already have Toothless.”  Which the manager said laughing out loud, “of course you do!”


The traditional photo in front of the shop.  This time she chose a tiger that is adorable.  She named her Sunny Stripe Paws.  Novalie asked the manager (I really need to remember her name) what Valentine’s Day animals they were getting and she said a dalmatian with a heart patch over her eye.  Oh my goodness.  Novalie was doing cartwheels in her head.  I told her she better pick a bunch of extra chores off the $$ chore list to save up in time for Valentine’s Day.  It is such a fun thing for her to collect.  And she wants to work there as her teenage job, so they won’t even need to train her.

Let’s see, what else did we do.  I worked one day while Kevin stayed home with the stomach flu.  New Year’s Eve I was so ready for bed at 9, but somehow 9 turned into 11 and we were all still awake.  Novalie doesn’t like to miss out on anything, which in our small family means miss out on anything her parents are doing, so we let her drag her sleeping bag into our room to sleep by our bed.  Kevin put on some celebrations happening around the world and that girl of mine was on fire with the one liners that night.  She had me laughing up until midnight.  We said Happy New Year and then cursed (okay, I silently cursed) the fireworks that made our puppy go into a barking fit and went way way past midnight.  I woke up at 3 in the morning with intense stomach pain.  I said no, no, no and forced myself back to sleep because I had to go to work, but I knew.  I knew what those stomach pains meant.  A couple hours later, I was puking way too often and called in sick to work and spent New Year’s day with the stomach flu.  Novalie went to her BFF’s house and Kevin watched football all day while bringing me liquids and the best toast I have ever tasted when I needed to eat something to just have something in my stomach.  Not the best way to start out 2015, but it could be worse.

Christmas vacation always makes me want to play Super Mario Bros.  It has become a tradition for Novalie and I to play it during Christmas vacation.  We always start at world one level one and go through the whole game.  This year we zoomed through it and I noticed something different this year.  Novalie’s character (which is always the blue mushroom head toad) rarely died.  In years past, true to her personality, she would just go as fast as she could and was just careless and reckless in her controls.  This year, she really paid attention and was really good at the game.  She did most of the work as I was the one dying all over the place.  Our roles were reversed.  Times change.


About to enter the final castle to save Peach.  We did it fairly quickly or I should say Novalie did it fairly quickly because I died and she kept going to save Peach.

Finally on January 3rd, all the sickness over and done with, we were able to make our traditional Christmas Eve sugar cookies.


Since it was January 3rd, Novalie picked out bells, cats, sheep, hearts, bunnies and an O with a heart for Olive.  Her BFF texted in the middle of making cookies so she came over and they decorated them.


It sure felt good to squeeze in that tradition even over a week late.

We saw Annie, which I loved.  Against popular opinion, I liked it better than the original.  I never was a big Annie fan I guess, but I really liked the new one.  It was a sweet story and made me want to adopt from foster care.  I am sure there are lots of Annie’s out there.

And that about sums up the rest of Christmas break at our house.

~Happy New Year~

~2115 is going to be fantastic!~