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Novalie Creates

Your #1 Fan post on March 30th, 2015
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Novalie loves to create.  She loves to draw.  She loves to write stories.  There are about 20, if not more, chapter books lying around that she is writing.  Each time we go to the store she is absolutely sure she needs a new notebook because she has a new idea for a story.  So much creativity and imagination running through her mind at all times.  She can look at any image and draw it.  And yet she has the worst hand writing.  It fascinates me.  Her creative mind has me in awe everyday.  I wish I had pictures of each drawing she makes because they are all so good.  Our walls are covered in them.  Our drawers are full of them.  She is a girl who has to create and I love that about her.  So much.



Novalie told me she wanted to make an archery target to practice her bow and arrow with.  I said, “easy, just get some cardboard, fill the middle with foam and draw circles and dots for the targets.”  Umm…no.  That would not do.  She had her own vision of a target and she went to work creating it.  Isn’t it so lovely?  The butterflies have different point values.  It is too pretty to shoot arrows through.  So creative.

olive seahawks

Remember that awful game the Seahawks played in the Super Bowl?  Still such a painful ending.  Novalie insisted that Olive get in the Seahawk spirit with an outfit.  She found an old shirt that didn’t fit her anymore.  Altered it to fit Olive and made her a lovely bow to complete the outfit.  She looked adorable even if her team turned out to be an embarrassment.  So creative.


Novalie’s current favorite movie is Big Hero 6.  Honey Lemon is her favorite character.  She loves to go to the dollar store and buy these $1 foam boards and make big drawings.  She drew this of Honey Lemon.  So creative.


Another big foam board drawing.  Such a good dolphin.  I am super expressed by her.

Just a bunch of random drawings.  She just thinks things up in her head and draws them.  Sometimes she uses a picture as her guide or a 3-D object.  She can look at any picture or object and just draw it.  Have I said yet that she has an amazing talent?  Because she does.





She drew a page of different hairy monsters, but this work-out girl monster just killed me.  It is so GOOD!



She also writes inspiring things.  Like this booklet she started on motivation for girls.  She is the sweetest.

It is our dream now to have a big empty room for her to create in.  Walls where she can paint/draw/color/write on.  Desks and shelves with every art material possible.  Wouldn’t that just be something?!

My creative girl.  So talented.  I love her.

Valentine’s Day 2015

Your #1 Fan post on March 22nd, 2015
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Novalie’s teacher told them they were going to have a Valentine Day box competition to get the kids creative in making their box.  Novalie instantly knew what she wanted to do and explained her vision to me.  Jaws.  With his mouth open to insert the Valentine’s.  His back fin was going to be heart shaped.  The part in Jaws where he has the buoys attached to him where going to be craft pipes with hearts on the end.  It was so fun and so simple to do.  I got her a few supplies and she nailed it.  Her vision came to life.
jaws box

Jaw’s Valentine’s Day box.

jaws box 1

Open wide for a Valentine.

jaws box2

She won the award for funniest Valentine’s Day box.


I was curious what Novalie’s opinion was going to be about handing out traditional Valentine’s.  I thought she was going to go straight for the My Little Pony Valentine’s and part of me was hoping she would because she is awesome and I love that she still loves that kind of thing, but part of me was nervous she would get made fun of.  The transition between kid and teenager is tough with some mean kids along the way.  I left it up to her because I want her to be her.  She said she wanted to give out cookies for her Valentine.  You can’t bring anything homemade, so a couple box of cookies and plastic baggies and viola.  Her Valentine’s for this year.  Sure I could have done them up Pinterest style, but no time or desire to do that.

lunch box

Valentine’s Day was on Saturday, so Friday she got her traditional lunchbox surprises.


I saw this cute plaque at work and it fits Novalie perfectly.  That and a pretty sparkly pink dog paw charm were her Valentine’s Day gifts this year, left in her traditional Valentine’s Day mailbox.  That thing didn’t get too much action this year because I was busy and forgetful.  I did remember on the actual day though, phew.


After I got off of work, we took Olive to the pet store because Novalie wanted to spend her money on a Valentine for her puppy.  She ended up buying her a new stuffed shark toy.  Olive proceeded to rip it to shreds as soon as we got home.  I told Novalie that was a sign she loved it.  We also scored a bag of free treats from the manager while we were there.  Olive got Valentine’s too.



We decided to eat our Valentine’s Day dinner at The Habit.  I was starving as I hadn’t eaten all day and it was yummy and not crowded!  Novalie and I got teriyaki burgers and Kevin got a Santa Fe style burger.

rice krispies

Novalie’s traditional rice krispie heart.  It was deformed, but whatever.  Tasted the same.  It was a busy day, but we got all her required traditions done.


After she got her wooden plaque, she got the idea to make one of her own for me for Valentine’s Day.  That girl of mine.  Steals my heart all the time.  She is the sweetest.

~Happy Valentine’s Day~

p.s.  Kevin and I long ago decided Valentine’s Day is too much pressure and has too many forced things about it.  We just do our thing and make it be about our baby girl.