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New Beginning’s

Your #1 Fan post on April 19th, 2015
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The Young Women held their annual New Beginning’s night.  Novalie is the only girl going into Young Women’s this year in our ward!  She felt pretty special.  It was a nice night.  The young women that were there all said one thing about Novalie and gave her a balloon with Hersey kisses tied to them.  She looked so pretty and like a young woman.  When did that happen?!?  She is really excited and looking forward to being a beehive.  In fact, she thinks Primary is soooooo boring!  I couldn’t believe I was at New Beginning’s for Novalie.  I teared up (of course!) when they were saying all the wonderful things about Novalie and all her interests.  She is unique.  She is turning into a beautiful young woman.  She has such a kind heart.  I remember back to when Kevin was blessing her as a baby and I kept telling him, I know you are going to bless her with things Heavenly Father wants to bless her with, but I want her to have a kind heart.  I reminded him several times to include having a kind heart in her blessing.  She does have a kind heart.

new beginnings

Novalie with one of her friends in our ward at New Beginning’s.


I love Novalie!  I can’t wait to watch her have fun and experience Young Women’s!

St. Patrick’s Day

Your #1 Fan post on April 19th, 2015
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St. Patrick’s Day is a fun, low key holiday.  This year I couldn’t hide the traditional chocolate gold coins all over the house because Olive would have found them all and devoured them in 60 seconds.  Instead I focused on Novalie’s bedroom and made her surprises work in there.  I first cleaned her room for her.  And I mean cleaned.  And cleaned.  3 hours worth of cleaning to be exact.  In a small bedroom.  I went through pretty much everything and threw away a ton of stuff.  I found about 20 water bottles under her bed.  Most were empty, some not all the way gone.  It was so funny and a sight to see for sure.  It felt so good to have her room clean.  That was a surprise all by itself.


Novalie had wanted this bed spread for quite a while.  I try to get rainbowish stuff for St. Patrick’s day.  This turned out perfect with her chocolate gold coins and the rainbow all together.  The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


When she got home from school she went on her traditional treasure hunt to find her loot.  I sent her all over the place with the last clue ending in her bedroom.


She LOVED her bed spread and she LOVED that I cleaned her room.  Sweet success!




We ended St. Patrick’s Day with the traditional green mashed potatoes.

~Happy St. Patrick’s Day!~