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Spring Break 2015

I loved our Spring Break this year.  Loved.

Days of uninterrupted time with Novalie.  I soaked that girl up.

We packed a lot of stuff into that week.  We had a week of yes.  Meaning, I tried to say yes to as many things as I could.  My favorite thing during the week:  being in the car having great conversations or singing along to great songs.  Memories I will tuck away and treasure always.  I also learned that Novalie is super passionate about the injustice that was slavery.  It fascinated me to hear her thoughts and opinions on the subject.  And how deeply sad she felt for those who lived in slavery.  We also had great conversations about God, about other worlds out there in the universe, adoption, friendships, concerns, fears, things she is looking forward to, excited about.  Novalie is a fun, fascinating human being.


First thing on her list was Build-a-Bear.  Of course.  She loves adding to her collection.  She goes in with an animal in mind that she saw advertised and 90% of the time comes out with a completely different animal.  This time it was Princess Luna.  She was pretty over the moon about that.


And I was pretty over the moon about Benihana’s.  I love that my all time favorite place to eat is Novalie’s as well.  Thanks Dad for making Benihana’s a part of my life.  I still can’t go there without getting a little misty eyed thinking of my dad.


Then it was off to the zoo.  We love the zoo.  Rizzo, our the polar bear, was napping the whole time we were there, darn it.  But, we did get to see the new baby ape or chimpanzee (not sure which it was).  He was adorable!


Day two found us going into the big city (ha!…country folks here) again with Novalie’s bff, Kayla.  We rode the train which makes kids eyes sparkle.  It is the second time I rode the train into the city and I felt more confident this time.  I am not great with directions, but I didn’t want to pass up the adventure of traveling by city transportation.


On the train.  Sitting backwards on the train is cooler than forward.  (except for those of us that get motion sickness…like me….I am not cool anymore anyhow).


Oh my goodness, these two girlies.  They wanted to stand up on the inner city train and hold on to the straps because they have seen it in movies.  They thought it was h~i~l~a~r~i~o~u~s!  Like out loud uncontrollable laughter the whole time.  They provided smiles to many people going about their lives in the city.


We went to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to watch Meet the Mormons.  Such a good film about how normal we are.  We are imperfect beings trying to live  good, kind, loving lives while loving God and Jesus Christ.


We walked through Temple Square.  Beautiful girls in front of a beautiful temple.  After that, we walked through City Creek and ate at their food court.  They have the Red Iguana which pretty much rules.


After our train ride home (which I did not know ANY of the inner city train times nor the between towns train times, but we made both all within 10 minutes of each other….things like that make me so nervous, but I just went with it and pretended like I knew exactly what I was doing and it worked out…phew), we ended our fun day with frozen yogurt.  They said it was one of their favorite days ever.  Simple things = JOY!


Day three we woke up and had popcorn and candy for breakfast at the movie, Home.  It was a cute movie.  Going to the movies has always been one of our favorite things to do together.  I was glad there was a cute movie out to go to.


After the movie, I told her she could pick any place to eat and she chose IHOP.  I was okay with that because I love breakfast anytime, but especially not at breakfast time.



I told her I was taking her to a surprise place.  We went to a paint your own ceramics place which we have never done before, but I knew she would love it.  And she did!  They had a shark piggy bank which made her decision of what to paint easy.  I painted a cereal bowl.  Besides a little small meltdown of the paint getting where she didn’t want it, we had a fabulous time.  We picked them up a week later and they turned out so good!


The rest of the afternoon we spent outside playing with Olive, roller skating and blowing bubbles.  Bubbles are still fun.


I had to work on day four, but her bff’s family took her swimming with them and when I got home she had left me this poster size note in the garage so I wouldn’t miss it!  She is so funny.  So, she still had a super fun day while I had to work.


On day five, we went to the aquarium.  It was awesome.  Super duper awesome.  It was crowded, but big enough to not feel overcrowded and claustrophobic.  They have this cool rope bridge that Novalie is going across above.  It was cool.


Novalie is touching a sea urchin.  It was sharp.  We also got to touch the starfish.



Novalie’s favorite shark is the megalodon so she was super excited to see this display.  We were blown away by the size of his jaw!




Our favorite was the shark tunnel.  They had a good number of different sharks and you could see them really good up close.  They have a room with lots of seating that you can just sit and watch the sharks.  It was soothing and relaxing and Novalie was in her element.  She loved watching them, but would have rather been swimming with them!


After the aquarium, we stopped in the city and picked Kevin up from work and went to another favorite place to eat, In-n-Out.  For some reason she was ecstatic that our number was 50.  I think she was still on a joyous high from the sharks.

The last day of spring break I had to work.  Kevin and Novalie came to visit me at work and she got to go to Staples and be spoiled by her daddy with new sketch books.  By the time I got home from work I was tired from the week, so we went for a walk with Olive and called it a fantastically fabulous spring break.


This spring break selfie proves I was there for the whole thing.

I want to do it all over again.

~Happy Spring Break!

Mother’s Day 2015

Your #1 Fan post on May 9th, 2015
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I have entered into a new phase of motherhood.  I was a fantastic mother to little Novalie.  I don’t feel like I have my footing on preteen Novalie yet.  There are so many ups and downs, sometimes within a 10 minute period.  We are working on controlling her downs because she gets so worked up she just can’t stop herself from talking back, sass talking, being disrespectful, ect.  She called me a name for the first time ever (and I am sure not the last) recently and got sent straight to bed without dinner.  After trying to sleep for awhile, she was crying big heartbroken cries because she felt so bad.  She still had to stay in her bed and go to sleep, but her tender heart couldn’t stand what her angry head had said earlier.  On the way to school recently, she snapped at me, we were running late which is something that I can’t stand, but I stopped her on the way out the door and gave her a big, tight hug.  She melted into me and squeezed me back tightly.  She went to school with a smile on her face.  We will figure out this preteen thing, her and I.

I feel like my life is a little out of control right now.  I need to figure out a different way to do many things that just aren’t working including mothering.  My physical self is unhealthy right now which makes me super c~r~a~n~k~y.  I can’t seem to ever feel not tired.  Novalie is not getting the best me right now.  I recognize it and need to tweak some things so that she is getting more than she is right now.

I went into Novalie’s room the other night and sat by her bed.  I cried, more like sobbed, as I watched her even, peaceful breathing.  I didn’t think I would be able to catch my breath watching her and being so overcome with how fiercely I love her.  While I watched her, I prayed that I wasn’t messing her up too badly.  That the bond that we have always had will continue to grow even as it changes.  She is why I get to celebrate Mother’s Day and my heart feels like it could explode because it can not contain all the love I feel for her.  That is a mother’s love.

Mother’s Day has always been bittersweet for me.  Bitter because of the in your face reminder of infertility.  It comes at you like a freight train and can send you spiraling into the depths of darkness.  Sweet because I AM A MOTHER!  It is my favorite thing in the whole world.  This year, I feel no bitter.  I think back to all the years we tried many different ways to add to our family and the answer was always no.  I have no idea why nor do I waste my time trying to figure out why.  Why?  Because life is so dang unfair.  That is why.  God knows why and that is enough for me.  No bitterness this year.  Just reflection on how I can be a better mother.  And the sweetest that comes from being Novalie’s mother.

I hope that Novalie remembers someday that she went to school every single day during her 6th grade year with freshly sharpened pencils in her backpack.  That is a motherhood win.

Happy Mother’s Day.