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Novalie Acts

Your #1 Fan post on June 16th, 2015
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At the beginning of 6th grade, Novalie was in tennis, piano and a drama class.  After a few weeks, I quickly noticed that she was overwhelmed.  6th grade was the real deal as far as homework load and expectations and she was stressed.  For the first time in her life, extra curricular activities were stressing her out instead of being her jam.  As soon as the words, “I feel so much pressure and am under so much stress,” came out of her mouth, I instantly told her to choose one activity if she wanted.  She chose her drama class.  I was sad to see tennis get pushed aside, but I knew she would pick it up again later on in life and I knew she was going to play the flute in 7th grade, so I wasn’t too sad to see piano go.  I know she chose the right thing for her during that season of life.  It is a beautiful thing when your kids are old enough to have the tools necessary to make good decisions for themselves.  Acting was a good decision and she LOVED it.  She did a summer camp with this company 2 summers ago and loved it, but she really fell in love with acting.

The first half of the year, they spent each week on a different area of acting.  They had little assignments to practice what they learned and came back the following week to showcase what they learned.  The second half of the year, they rehearsed for the end of the year play.  This year they did Frozen.  Frozen was the main story line, but they included all sort of Disney characters so everyone that would like a speaking part, gets that experience.  Novalie was Ursula and Moonstone.  She was supposed to have a solo, but during the performance everyone sang when they weren’t supposed to.  She did have a small duet.  It was a great experience and she had so much fun!  I loved watching her perform.  She is brave and confident.


Getting her facial expressions warmed up.



Before the show.


Her bff came to watch her perform!


Her Ursula costume.  Why yes, it does look like she has a black/red eye.  I am NO good at makeup.  And Novalie has zero patience for such things, so I had to rub off a bunch of eye shadow that was scary looking even for Ursula.  Without any proper eye makeup remover, I had to scrub to remove it because she wouldn’t let soap anywhere near her eye.  Drama for the drama club.


Her good friend that she made in her acting class.


On stage doing her thing.


During one song, she had to come into the audience and dance with people.  It was pretty fun.


Moonstone costume.


She did so great!  We are so proud of her.  Most of all, she was so happy with her choice to stay in acting and loved it!


Getting treats after her performance was supposed to happen.  However, staying true to life, on the way home Novalie turned cranky and she couldn’t control her emotions and calm down, so we sadly had to go straight home.  Her dramatics were still in full effect.  😉  When she did have herself under control, she was sad, regretful and apologetic.  A couple nights later, we had a surprise stop at her favorite Fro-yo place to celebrate a great year of acting.

I am so proud of Novalie!  Getting on stage in front of so many people and doing what she does is so hard.  She loves it and you can tell.

Fantastic job my acting girl!