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6th Grade Graduation

Your #1 Fan post on July 14th, 2015
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I remember Novalie’s first day of Kindergarten so well.  She was so happy and excited and loved it.  I remember her first day of 1st grade all too well.  It was horrible.  H.o.r.r.i.b.l.e  Horrible, got it?  She cried hard.  She clung to me for dear life.  Her teacher had to drag her away crying.  And then.  Oh and then…I paced all day long and it was finally time to get her from the bus stop!  I waited and all the kids got off the bus except for Novalie.  I still feel sick to my stomach thinking about it.  I did not know where my baby girl was that left me being dragged away crying for me not to leave.  Frantic calls to several people who started looking for her and she was found on a bus (the wrong bus) alone asleep in the bus barn.  I made sure that never, ever, ever happened again.  Third grade was hard because we moved and she started a new school, but she was so brave.  I remember standing in her classes line with her before they were let in the school and she was giving the girls in front and in back of her compliments to break the ice.  She is pretty fantastic like that.  The rest of the grades were standard first days of school.  Seven first days of elementary school and now she is done.  Novalie graduated from elementary school.


Oh my beating heart…look at this cutie on her first day of Kindergarten.  (that might have been the LAST day she wore jeans….for reals.)  Isn’t she so stinkin’ adorable?!?  Seriously.

Sixth grade was a great year for Novalie.  She had some hard experiences, but overall it was a great year.


Me and my baby girl on the last day of elementary school.


Our sixth grade graduate!  I love the dress she picked out.  She looks so grown up.  I took her to get a manicure the day before graduation to match her shoes.  She LET me curl her hair (her hair is off limits to me lately).  I love that she is sporting 2 bandaids because it is Novalie after all.  She looked so pretty.  And confident.  And happy.  And so darn grown up!


I love this picture.  My 6th grade beauty.



“Enough with the pictures!” or “You are so embarrassing Mom!” or “Stop touching my hair!” or something to that effect.  Ha!



Novalie and her BF since 3rd grade.  Each 6th grader had to write a speech and each teacher in the three 6th grade classes choose one person in their class to give their speech at graduation.  Novalie won for her class!  WE ARE SO PROUD OF THAT!  What an amazing feeling for Novalie to be chosen and given the opportunity to share her writing talent and get the experience to speak in front of lots of people.  We were giddy with pride and joy.  Her BF got chosen for her class which was pretty fun for them.  Novalie was nervous, but she talked clearly and with confidence and was funny.  I wish I would have snapped a picture of her up at the podium giving her speech, but I was soaking up every second of watching her up there feeling so emotional and so proud.  Kevin video tapped it, so he didn’t snap any pictures of it either.  My heart was bursting watching her give her speech.  I loved every second of it.


Getting a little pep talk from the principal (whom we were not fans of) before graduation started.


The whole 6th grade sang, “One Moment in Time” which I cried through.  (big surprise)  I love the girl in the plaid shirt (Kelli) who looks ticked off to have to be there.  Heehee.


Her 6th grade teacher.  He was fabulous.  The best teacher Novalie had during her elementary years.  He was funny, compassionate, gave Novalie lots of extra help in math and he always quickly responded to all my (annoying) e-mails.  He has been a foster parent for many, many years and all his kids are adopted, so he may have had a soft spot for Novalie and I thought that was a huge blessing.  He is a darn good teacher and we are going to miss him!


This is one of Novalie’s best friends from 4th and 5th grade that moved.  We had a sleepover planned later in the weekend for these two, so we didn’t expect to see her at graduation.  I saw the moment Novalie saw her in the hall and Novalie’s face lit up a million degrees of smiles.  We love this girl and Novalie was sure happy to see her.


Novalie with Mali, whom she became good friends with towards the end of 6th grade, Sarah (above) and Kenzie whom was a best friend of Novalie’s during 3rd-5th grades, but dropped her fast this year to be “popular.”


After graduation, we headed to Benihana to celebrate.  I missed my Dad, but was happy to be exactly where we would be if he was here.  Benihana’s is our celebration place.  We love Benihana’s.


One of our happy places!  Love you Sunshine T-Rex!


Novalie and her daddy left eating the ice cream.  🙂


Opening her gifts.  Grandma got her a gift certificate to Build-a-Bear which was perfect since we were headed there next.


Adding to her collection with her 6th grade graduation Build-a-Bear.  She got a cute little doggie named Mako.  Kevin got her a little tiny flamingo named Dimwit, nicknamed Dimmy.  It was a happy little celebration with two of Novalie’s favorite things.

I overheard a number of kids talking about getting cell phones for graduation.  While I am sure Novalie would love a cell phone if she was given one, it wasn’t even on her radar to ask for one.  She wanted to go to Build-a-Bear.  And she wanted Jurassic World stuffed animals which she got two of.  I love that she is not influenced one bit by her peers.  I love that her mind and heart are still so pure and innocent and childlike.  I LOVE that she wanted stuffed animals for 6th grade graduation.  She has started to show preteen attitude and rolls her eyes at me and I annoy her sometimes and holy hannah I can NOT touch her hair or her face, but she is not into boys or makeup or electronics or “hanging out.”  She like to play.  She likes to go in her room and play with her toys and her stuffed animals.  I couldn’t be happier about that.  Plenty of time for preteen/teenage things, you just keep on playing baby girl.

We are so proud of Novalie!  She is my dream come true and my daily joy.  I love the age she is at right now and I couldn’t be any prouder of her for successfully surviving elementary school.  Not just surviving (at times), but thriving.  She is an amazing, talented, smart, kind, honest, loyal, funny, happy girl and I am so glad she is mine.  On to Junior High, whether this weak-hearted mama is ready or not.


Congratulations Novalie.  You are forever our shining star.