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Sarah Came to Visit!

Your #1 Fan post on October 2nd, 2015
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I really want to catch up with this blog.  Novalie loves reading old posts and so do I, so I know it is important.  Summer vacation came and went.  I hope to highlight some of the fun times.

On the first weekend of summer break, one of Novalie’s best friend that moved away came for a visit.  We bent the rules so she could sleepover.  We haven’t allowed Novalie to have sleepovers, so she was beyond excited to have Sarah sleepover.  Sarah’s family took Novalie to a local fun park place while I worked on Saturday.  We love Sarah and was so happy that got to spend some time together.


They were trying to have as many chins as possible in this picture.

Yes, I had to go in about 5 times over 2 hours to get them to settle down to go to sleep.  It didn’t annoy me, it made me happy.  It made me happy to hear the talk, laughter and silliness from them.


We started the morning off going out for breakfast.  We talked about the day and decided what they wanted to do.  They chose the zoo.  We made a quick stop at the dollar store for hats and sunglasses.  They really wanted best friend necklaces, so we ran into the mall for them to pick one out.


Aren’t they cuties!

We went to the zoo and they had dinosaurs up all over the zoo.  It was the zoo’s second year to have Zoorassic.  It was awesome and these two girlies wanted their picture taken in front of every single dinosaur.  I love pictures, so of course I agreed.


They laughed hysterically at the guy on the right!









Sarah barely fit into our selfie!  She is short, but we love her to pieces!


Rizzo was out and eating a bucket of fish.  She would eat the whole fish except the head.  It was interesting.  We love when Rizzo is out.  She is Novalie’s friend!


They put designs on the window with a syrup and Novalie was in heaven being up close to Rizzo while she licked the glass.


It was a busy day at the zoo, so Novalie was doubtful that she would get to ride on her polar bear, but it was available when it was her turn.  She is serious about her traditions.  Always the polar bear.


After the zoo, we got snowcones and went home.  And they played and played.  They kept asking for a later time until I set a firm time that wasn’t going to be changed again.  It is so hard to stop playing with good friends especially when we don’t know when they will see each other again.

We adore Sarah and she is such a good friend for Novalie.  Can’t wait to see them together again.