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Novalie’s First Girl’s Camp!

Your #1 Fan post on November 28th, 2015
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Novalie debated back and forth about whether or not she was going to go to girl’s camp.  She turned 12 six weeks before girl’s camp, so I was okay with her going or not going.  I left the decision up to her.  After she prayed about it a lot and discussed it in detail with me a lot and was in Young Women’s for a few weeks, she decided to go.  I was proud of her for making that hard, brave decision.  She, at first, thought she couldn’t do it.  Couldn’t spend 5 days away from me.  She didn’t feel comfortable enough with the leaders.  She is very particular about bedtime and she was worried that she was going to be lying there wide awake scared out of her mind while everyone else slept.  I was happy she decided to go and knew she would have a great time!


She wanted to make a hat just for girl’s camp.  She is cool like that.  It turned out super cute.


The night before she left, we had a selfie session.  I just soaked that girl up.




She was up bright and early and ready to go.  How cute is my little camper!?!

We dropped her off and she wanted us to stay with her.  Kevin and I noticed other parents just pulling up to the curb, dropping their girls off, some got out and gave them a hug, some just gave a wave out the window.  I couldn’t wrap my head around that.  I guess it is just different with us and Novalie.  I kept telling her we were going to leave, she kept saying, no just stay a little longer.  The separation was rough for both of us.  They gathered the girls up for the bus information and we gave Novalie one last hug and sadly walked back to our car.  Her leader chased after me and gave me a hug and reassured me she would take care of my baby girl.  That meant so much to me.

Here are a bunch of pictures courtesy of Novalie’s leaders…









YW Novalie

ward hike

YW camp groupdeer

YW camp service DaijiaNovlie

YW camp service DaiNovalie

YW camp service group shot

YW service NovalieCaralee

Here are just a few snippets from her journal entries….

~My favorite part of girl’s camp was having the leaders tell stories.

~There was a singer that came and sang to us.  The was the most spiritual moment for me.  We cried and when we sang, I am a Child of God together, I burst.  It was beautiful.  I felt no fear, no sadness.

~We went on a hike and there was this one part that I just felt the spirit.

~We were there for our friends.  We just love each other and during the week I felt they were my family.

~  My second favorite was the zipline.  We sang primary songs to make the girls in our group feel brave.  I screamed.  It was high.

I love that she wore her hat and scarf the whole camp.  She is always true to herself.  She grew by leaps and bounds during girl’s camp.  When I got that glorious call that they were back, I was shaking I was so excited!  I raced to the church to pick her up.  She gave me the longest and tightest hug and said, “I did it! It was hard and I don’t want to do it again for a really really really long time, but I made it all 5 days!” And then I listened while she told me all the ups and downs of the week.  I am so proud of Novalie for doing hard things and coming back a better person!


She was starving and asked for a pizza.  She ate that whole well deserved pizza!

Novalie’s first girl’s camp was a success!

An Evil Witch and Her Possibly Weak, Evil Souls

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by Novalie Jolley

Once there was an evil and brutal witch that wanted to rule nightmares. She thought and thought about how she could do this. Then one cold, evil and perfect Halloween night, she came up with a solution. She needed more souls on her side. With her big and wide grin, she grabbed her cauldron and whipped up a potion. When she was finished, she took the potion and put in three fresh apples. She took the apples to the cemetery and put them on three graves. They would be her souls.

The witch watched as the evil skeleton hands popped out of the dirt and grabbed the apples. They looked at them and ate them one by one. It worked. The skeletons had been poisoned! They were now on the witch’s side. The witch said to the skeletons, “Go find a way for me to rule all nightmares.” The skeletons obeyed the witch.

Near the cemetery there was a deep cave and inside lived a monster named Kulo. Kulo was a big evil monster. Kulo was mean, but was also scared of a lot of things. She has wings, but never uses them because she is afraid of getting caught in a storm.  Kulo lived with her two best friends named Wings and the small fierce spider named Web.  Web was a poisonous biting spider. Kulo and her two best friends were asleep when Kulo was awakened to the sound of thunder.

“Did you hear that? That was a bomb!” Kulo said.

“We are being attacked,” said Wings. Wings goes along with everything. She is a gullible animal.

“I don’t think we are being attacked. We are safe from the rain in our cave.” Web said. Web is the one that makes things seem better.

“I don’t feel safe in our cave. I think we are being attacked by a witch! Kulo yelled.

They heard a loud scream in the distance.

“What was that?” Kulo asked.

“It is probably just a girl in a costume. It is Halloween night, you know.” Web said. Web was sure it was just a girl in a costume. She thought she was sure.

“Do kids fly?” Wings asked.

Web was trying, but she couldn’t fix or make this situation better. The three friends went outside. Kulo was scared because she almost never goes outside in a storm. Kulo saw the witch with her three skeletons haunting Halloween trick-or-treaters.

“We have to fix this! That witch is going to ruin the kids getting candy. They are haunting the kids. They are going to give the kids nightmares and control their nightmares.” Web said.

“Why don’t you do something?” Wings asked. Wings was not helping at all.

“I am not fighting a witch in a storm with three skeletons! They will probably get us and turn evil. I am not going to be on a witch’s side!” Said a scared Kulo.

“Maybe it will help you not be afraid of storms anymore, right?” Web asked Kulo.  This is not what Kulo wanted.

“We should get a closer look and check it out.” Wings said. Kulo and Web were not brave enough to get closer. Wings apparently was.

“Are you going to fight a witch? I am not going to be turned into a frog. Do you have any idea of what she can do to you?” Kulo asked Wings. Wings did not answer because she was in the sky at least a mile away. She looked like just a black dot.

“She wanted to check it out.” Web looked at Kulo as if she said something shocking.

“That’s Wings for you. Now we have to get her. Fly my evil monster, fly!” Kulo tried to fly, but only got four inches off the ground.

“What are you doing? We need to catch her before the evil skeletons and the witch do. Hurry!” Web yelled at Kulo.

“We would get there faster if we ran because I can’t fly in storms.” Kulo and Web ran. Actually Kulo carried Web because she couldn’t run as fast as Kulo. Kulo was careful because she knew she was an evil monster who could squish Web with one piece of fur.

“Wings!” They yelled Wings name.  She was still a black dot.

“What? Don’t yell!” Wings had snuck up on them.  They stopped yelling so the witch and skeletons would not hear them. Wings had a surprisingly juicy apple and an idea.

“We can make a potion. That’s obviously what the witch did to make the skeletons come alive and turn evil.”

“Good idea Wings. We can make a potion. All we need to do is put the skeletons back to sleep!” Kulo said.

“That is a great idea!” Wings always agreed.

Kulo and Wings used the witch’s own idea to put the skeletons back to sleep by using apples. Poisonous apples. It took them a while. They caught the skeletons by making them chase Wings as she was flying away. Wings didn’t like that idea, but she knew they had to put the skeletons back to sleep. The skeletons were hungry after the long chase. When they couldn’t fly any longer, Kulo gave the three skeletons the apples and they ate them fast. They felt sick and fell asleep back in their graves. The witch gave up on trying to use the skeletons to help her rule nightmares.  She promised to never try and rule nightmares again. Or did she?

Drama Camp

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Novalie went to a week long summer drama camp and she loved it!  It is the 3rd time that she has be involved with Up With Kids and it is such a fun acting experience.  The play this summer was Rapunzel.  It is amazing they pull a whole play together in a week, but they did and it was awesome!  They would have acting class for 5 hours and then the last hour they got to swim.  Novalie came home tired, talking about all her new friends and happy.  That is a successful summer camp!


Delivering some of her lines.


Song/dance number.


The finale song in any Up With Kids play has sign language.  I think that is a nice touch.


She really bonded and became good friends with the girl on her right.  She was adopted too and their stories were similar and I love when she meets someone like that.  It makes me heart happy.

I love watching Novalie act.  She is brave and loves it!

Summer 2015 Recap

The rest of the summer was filled with swimming, roller skating, relaxing and Novalie and her BFF coming up with all sorts of creative things to do.  I worked just 2 days a week except for a couple of weeks that I had to fill in for my fellow retail girl who was out with kidney stones.

A few summer pics~


Roller girl


We went to this water park a few times.  I loved these pink water slides when I was a girl and it is such fun to see Novalie love them too.


Writing stories in the backyard.  She writes everyday.


Cheap summer kid movies with popcorn for breakfast.  The best.


This picture screams summer happiness!


All snuggled up getting warm.


We made several trips to the snowcone shack!


I love so much that she still goes into her room for an hour or two and gets lost in her imaginary stories with her toys.  I sometimes stop outside her door and listen because she fascinates me.


Pool ring crowns for their pretend Coronation Day.  Love their imaginations.


My two baby girls relaxing.  We did this a lot and that is okay with me!  Love this sight.


My happy place.


We practically had this reservoir to ourselves because it was a cooler, cloudy day.  Novalie and her BFF had so much fun playing in the water and sand.  My favorite summer activity~water and sand.


Playing “Chopped.”  They laughed so hard at their creations and presentations.


Her happy place.


We came home with a container of rocks~of course!!


My sister and her family came home from their year living in France.  Love little Sophie and missed them all!


Novalie was super excited to see her cousins again after a year!  We met them at In-n-Out Burger because that is what all the kids wanted to eat first after being home.


We have a beautiful path where we live that we visited a few times for long walks/scooter rides/roller skating.


Pancake Wars.  We had pancakes for dinner one night and they wanted to do a version of Pancake Wars.  They are always creating things, laughing and laughing.


Bright sunny summer girl!

~We love summer!~

Summer Trip to Richland

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We went to Richland for the 4th of July to visit Kevin’s family.  It was a very fun trip for our little family and something we needed.  The car ride was fun and went by fast filled with good conversations and excellent dog and kid travelers.


Our cute, fantastic travelers!


Olive spent a lot of time snuggled up on my lap especially after Kevin went over the grooves on the side of the road that make the big sound.  Scared her half to death!


We thought we would stop at this pretty spot, however, Olive and Novalie were not pleased with this stop.  Olive wouldn’t go to the bathroom and Novalie was freaking out about spiders, snakes and bugs and having an allergic reaction, so Kevin and I laughed it off and made her more mad by stopping to take some selfies.  How dare us.  It was the only cranky part of the car trip, so that is still a win.


Funny looking old people who are awesome parents.


Happy 4th of July!

Novalie’s tie dyed shirt she made, it turned out so good!


Legos, one of her favorite things to do at Grandma’s house.


Janell and Mike came over for the 4th for lunch and to hang out a bit.  Novalie is opening her birthday present from them.


Strong, beautiful, talented, lovely ladies.  Janell, Grandma Jolley and Novalie Janell.  Love.



Sparklers!  Novalie is in her jammies because she had just taken a shower after swimming.


We bought a few fireworks to light and there were fireworks all around us to enjoy.


Novalie did lots of swimming in Uncle Keith’s neighborhood pool.




Every time we would go swimming, this is what Olive would do until our return.  She is just a tad bit attached to me.


At the Columbia River


Novalie searching for special rocks.  20150705_204231

She still collects rocks every time we go to the river.  I love that about her.


On the way home from Kevin taking her swimming, she spotted these dolphins in downtown Richland and had to stop and take a picture.  She loved them.


We had to make a super quick trip to Pullman and drove through our old little country town.  I miss that place.  A whole bunch.  They finally got a new play structure which they had been planning years ago when we were there.  The old little horsey’s were still there, so we had to get a picture.  We spent a lot of time at that little park next to the little country library.


Olive at the park in Albion.  Novalie said, “I always wanted to bring a dog here!”


Novalie and her Grandpa in their WSU hats.  This has to be one of my favorite photos!

It was a great trip.  We love visiting Richland!