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Transitioning Into Junior High

Your #1 Fan post on December 31st, 2015
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The first few weeks of Junior High were rough for Novalie.  Hard.  Downright hard.  Tears everyday after school hard.  She had a tough time getting used to many things about Junior High.

Ten classes.  TEN!  Five one day, five the next.  That is a lot of classes.  It overwhelmed Novalie.  Ten classes to keep track of.  Ten classes to remember to turn assignments in to.  Ten classes to remember homework for.  She had quite a few missing assignments those first few weeks because it was an adjustment to be organized and stay of top of all those classes.  She did get the hang of it and worked out a system that helped her be successful at keeping up with ten classes, but it was rough going for awhile.

  The swearing.  She would come home and say, “I can’t go to Junior High any longer because the swearing is bad, I can’t handle it!” This is something we talked about before school started because I knew hearing bad words was something that was going to become a constant in her life, but she still was surprised at how much she heard them.  She was shocked that the teachers did nothing to stop it.  One boy wouldn’t stop when she asked.  He did it more just to annoy her. Ugh. Makes me want to home school her because she hates the swearing so much. The words get in her head and that frustrates her. We talked and talked about why kids feel the need to use those words and ways to get those words out of her head.

The crowded halls between classes. If you get a tardy you have to immediately go to a designated classroom and call your parents and explain why you were tardy.  Getting in trouble at school is one of Novalie’s greatest fears. The halls are so crowded between classes that it is shoulder to shoulder kids and you can’t go faster because there is no where to go.  This annoys her to no end and those first few weeks she was so stressed that it was going to make her late to class and get a tardy. She still doesn’t like the crowded hallways, but she has learned that she has enough time to get to her classes.

These were her top 3 things that she just had the hardest time with.  There were many other smaller things (smaller according to her) that made the transition hard.  It was a stressful time and I had to just keep telling her to give it time.  I had to look for moments for my creative, sassy, happy girl to appear.  And when she did, I made the most of it.

She had been waiting for a bit of cooler weather to wear this new outfit that she adores.  It made her happy to wear it and it just fits her perfectly.  We had some fun with a little photo shoot in the backyard and all the stresses of Junior High were forgotten for a time.





20150909_184443 20150909_184628





I walk by this wall that I painted with chalkboard paint countless times a day.  During this difficult transition time, I walked by it and the idea just popped into my head to fill it up with things I love about Novalie to give her a boost.


Change is hard.  Transitions are hard.  Novalie does hard things and learns and grows from those hard things.  I do have to say that I was glad when those few weeks passed and Junior High was just the new norm.  It was a big sigh of relief for both me and Novalie.

7th Grade

The summer flew by and before we knew it, 7th grade was upon us.  It was such a hard thing for my mind to try and process that little fact.  It seemed impossible, yet here we were.  Getting ready to send our baby girl to Junior High. C~r~a~z~i~n~e~s~s!  Novalie is not someone who is scared to try new things.  She is also someone who likes to know exactly what to expect.  Those two things do not go hand in hand, but she makes it work somehow.  I gathered as much information as I could from my sister-in-law and other parents so she could have an idea in her head what to expect. Novalie and Adira

Novalie and one of her good friends from our ward.  They get to be locker buddies and I was pretty happy about that fact.  They had a half day camp for all the new 7th graders to show them around and help them know what to expect.  Novalie said it was fun, helpful and boring.


Heading out on our traditional mommy/daughter back to school date.buildabear

Her traditional back to school Build-a-Bear.  I will do this tradition as long as she wants!  Even when she goes to college!  😉


Benihana’s.  Another back to school tradition.

I have to include this little piece of history in this record.  We walked into Benihana’s and immediately noticed something was very different.  They got new plates!  We were sad.  Quite sad.  They have had the same green plates since I was a little girl.  The waitress and I had a conversation (rare for me to talk to waitresses, but I was a little traumatized) about the plates and she was upset about them too.  She has worked there for as long as I remember and we mourned the old plates together.  We still love Benihana’s, it will take time to get used to the plates however.


We shopped and shopped and shopped looking for ONE back to school outfit for the first day of school.  We shopped for school supplies and locker decorations.  Locker decorations, that was a new one! She got a manicure and we ended the day with FroYo.  As always, my favorite part of these days is the conversations we had in the car driving from place to place.  We talked and talked about Junior High.  I gave her all the motherly advice I had to give, all the warnings about new things she would encounter. We went through all the safety things I could think of…if you miss the bus, if someone asks you to come outside the school, ect, ect… I listened to her concerns and the things she was excited for.  Golden moments of conversation that I love.  She was ready.

Decorating locker

Decorating her locker.

Back to school night to practice her locker combination, decorate her locker and meet her teachers.  Her cougar gear was popular, well…a lot of comments from teachers about her wearing the wrong cougars, but her science teacher went to WSU and went wild over Novalie’s WSU gear.  Novalie was over the moon about that!  She told Novalie she was her favorite 7th grade student and seeing her would be the highlight of her day.  That made Novalie feel so much more comfortable and so excited for Junior High.  Tender mercies.

1st day

First day of 7th grade!20150824_074404

So excited to learn the flute!


My 7th grade beauty.

She was nervous.

She was excited.

She was beyond ready to make new friends.

She asked over and over, “what if I get lost?  What if I am late?  Will I get in trouble?”

I knew she would be fine. More than fine, I knew she would shine.  I knew she would do awesome because she has proven she can do hard things over and over again during her short life.  We prayed and prayed and prayed.  The car ride to school was more silent than usual.  All those emotions being felt in our hearts and tummies.  It was weird dropping her off, I wanted to go inside with her……so bad.  I put on a brave face and was confident in her.  I watched her go inside with my heart.  She was ready.  She was confident as well. My heart swelled with pride.


She survived.  She had fun.  She had someone to eat lunch with.  She didn’t get lost.  She was tired.  She met new friends.  She did it.

It actual felt so good to be there…we anticipated it all summer, it was nice to finally get that first day done with.

I have a 7th grader.  A pretty darn fantastic one.

~Happy 7th Grade!~