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Christmas Break 2015

The rest of winter break, after all the Christmas hoopla, was fun and relaxing.


Novalie in her new shark lady outfit. It is so adorable and sharky and perfect.


Rollerblading with one of her BFF’s.  They both know how to rollerblade quite well, so it was a lot of fun for them.


Novalie got money for Christmas and she wanted to spend it by adding to her Build-a-Bear collection.  They were having a 2 for $35 special which I tried to talk her out of (her money though…her decisions), but she kept just saying…”this is the only time I will ever be able to get two at once.”  So she went for it and got Apple Jack and Vanamia, the zebra.  That zebra kills me…it is so stinkin’ cute!


Novalie had two different friends over on two different days and they played Wii Fit all day long.


This is not the greatest quality of picture, but I just absolutely adore this outfit of Novalie’s.  A lot.  Seriously a lot.


Playing more Wii Fit while I relaxed watching her/reading a book.


A lot of Olive snuggling and playing.


We finally saw Star Wars.  I mean Kevin’s co-workers were starting to make fun of him because he hadn’t seen it yet.  Novalie was against seeing it, but I gave her a great talkin’ to about all the movies her daddy has sat through that were so unbelievably painful to watch (chipmunks anyone?) and he doesn’t ask for much and we wanted to have a fun family outing and she needed to have a good attitude and think about someone other than herself, ect, ect.  It was classic.  She went with a smile on her face and even though she would never admit it, she liked it.  And that BB-8….fell in love with that robot.  It was my favorite Stars Wars movie.  It made me laugh and cry which is a good movie.


How good is this painting?  I mean seriously.  I was blown away.  It took her 4 hours (which if you know Novalie she likes to get things done and done quickly so 4 hours is a long time).  It is just so good and I couldn’t be prouder to have a talented, artistic daughter.  This will hang in my home…forever.

It was hard (hard is an understatement) to get up and get back on a school schedule.  I hate when long breaks end.  We are counting down until summer vacation.

It was a good winter break overall.  We survived hard things and had some fun along the way.

Christmas 2015

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Once again, we were blessed with Santa finding us!  The Christmas mouse left Novalie sparkly pink gloves for leaving some cheese out for him.  The Christmas mouse is such a fun, simple tradition.  I am glad one of Novalie’s friends told her about the Christmas mouse many years ago.


This spread from Santa is my favorite.  Novalie is super duper into all things sharks right now and it was so fun for Santa to search for different shark theme gifts.  Two shark stuffed animals, shark poster, shark headphones, shark book with DVD, shark sweatshirt, pants and socks.  She also got a mini glass shark and shark teeth earrings.  So fun!


I think she liked the shark gifts. Loved them. A lot.


Santa found the rest of us too.


I mean….someone wrote a book just for me.


Olive enjoyed her stocking items too.

(I am not sure why I don’t have any pics of my mom, but she got her traditional Sudoku books from Santa.)


I would expect nothing less from Kevin in a wrapping job.  It wouldn’t be Christmas without an odd wrapped present.


Happy girl.


Traditional Christmas morning breakfast.  It doesn’t look like much food, but it sure is an ordeal to get it all ready at the same time.  I love breakfast. By the time we (really Novalie) are done opening presents, we are all pretty famished and ready for our breakfast feast.


The rest of the day was spent playing with new toys and relaxing.  I feel like I said this last year, but I have to say it again.  Novalie didn’t ask for much this year, just a doll accessories traveling kit that she really wanted.  Still toys.  I thought maybe last year would be the last year for toys, but I am happy to say that is all she wanted this year too.  I love that about her.  She is definitely finding her teenage attitude, but she is such a little (heart and soul wise….she is as tall as me!), innocent simple kid.  Her imagination is still going strong and she can spend a good amount of time in her room lost in her imaginary worlds with toys.  I am in no hurry for her to grow up and grow out of toys, so it makes this momma’s heart happy to have her still very much childlike little girl.  And that really shined through Christmas day.  I love Novalie.  She makes my world go round.


We played her new Jurassic World Monopoly game.  I have to admit that I do not know how to play Monopoly.  I even read the instructions and I just don’t get it.  For reals.  So we played it with the rules of her Monopoly Jr. game which I do get.


Another one of my favorite gifts she got was a set of 10 canvas boards and a set of nice acrylic paints.  She did her first painting above on Christmas day.  She is a good little artist!

With all the stress, work, sickness, tiredness building up to Christmas, it all came together and the magic of a Christmas morning made all that icky stuff disappear.  We truly were blessed to have a Christmas tree full of presents, more than enough food to eat and a little family that were together warm, safe and happy with the gospel of Jesus Christ to enrich our lives on the morning we celebrate His birth.  It was pretty simple and perfect.

~Merry Christmas 2015!~

Christmas Eve 2015

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Christmas Eve was great.  We felt the spirit as we remembered Christ’s birth.  We made a new kind of cookie for Santa.  We smiled.  We laughed.  But, let’s be real, it was tough.  I got really sick on the 23rd.  Four hours of which I had to work through which was awful.  It was supposed to be 7 hours, but I just couldn’t do more than 4.  I was sick.  Stomach bug sick.  Just when I was so so ready to climb into bed and sleep for 10 hours, Novalie woke up with intense, horrible stomach pain.  We did that all night long while I desperately needed sleep to recover from being so sick for 24 hours.  However, it was Christmas Eve and I had to make that happen, so no rest for me.  It was actually a busy day with trying to get everything done that I was supposed to have all done on the 23rd.  I pretty much sucked at Christmas this year.  I was sick a lot, I worked a lot and I just wasn’t feeling it.  So much went undone and I had to find a way to be okay with that.  All I focused on was Novalie having a good Christmas.  Everything and everyone else didn’t make the cut.  Sorry about that, but that is life sometimes.  Christmas Eve night seemed impossible to pull off, but I did it.  I made our traditional lasagna dinner.  I remembered the traditional glow sticks this year.  We tracked Santa on and off all night.  Novalie was thrilled that Rudolph was needed this year and was leading all the reindeer.  We had a short, but nice Christmas Eve program.  We watched a few videos from which are so well done. We read our traditional books by glow stick light.  Novalie opened her traditional Christmas Eve jammies.  She wrote her letter to Santa and we left out cookies and milk, carrots and can’t forget the cheese for the Christmas mouse.  I was completely exhausted after no sleep for about 36 hours and my body exhausted from going through the stomach flu with no rest, but I did it.  I made it happen with little angels on my wings carrying me through.  Kevin made it happen too because he went to the grocery store for me to get a few odds and ends that I couldn’t do without.  That would have pushed me over the edge, but he saved Christmas with that one simple task.  So grateful for him and that small service.  It was the best Christmas present from him!

Our countdown Christmas advent calendar on Christmas Eve.  It is all full!  Just Santa on Christmas morning left.


Waiting so patiently to open her traditional Christmas Eve jammies.  She made many guesses as to what they were, but I never budged.


Olive felt all the excitement in the air!


Polar Bear and Penguin footies!  They are so cute and warm.  She loved them!


Guinea joined in on the Christmas Eve celebrations.  I think she especially liked the video of the birth of Christ.


Our two traditional books we read are How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Twas the Night Before Christmas.  This year we also read The Symbols of Christmas.

We have a tradition of reading our Christmas books by glow stick light.  It started from our years of spending Christmas at Kevin’s parents house.  It is pretty fun and adds a little bit more magic to an already magical time.


Writing her letter to Santa.


All ready for Santa to come!

~Happy Christmas Eve!~

Winter Band Concert

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Another band concert!  (yes, each band concert for the next 5 1/2 years will get its’ own post because that is how much I love them)  This is one of Novalie’s new friends she made this year starting in band.  They eat lunch together everyday and are always laughing (according to Novalie’s after school reports to me) and she is just a nice girl.  They don’t spend much time yet out of school playing  hanging out together because she is a gymnast and a rather good one according to Novalie.  I was happy to see a glimpse of the friendship they have built during this concert.


Back to the concert, it was fabulous!  The beginning band sounded so so good.  I didn’t watch anyone else because I was mesmerized by Novalie while she was playing.  I am glad she loves it because I certainly love listening to her and I am so proud of her.  Her band teacher is her favorite teacher because she says he is really nice and funny.  It amazes me how he can get all those beginning band playing students sounding so good so quickly.


Cute girls warming up before the concert.

After the junior high concert, the elite group from the high school’s marching band (I don’t remember what they called them) marched in and played 2 songs in the aisles.  It was a~m~a~z~i~n~g!  A flute player was standing right by Novalie and she said, “I want to keep playing the flute so I can do that…it is so cool!”


And of course, no concert is complete without ice cream treats afterwards!

I managed not to tear up at this concert (miracle), but it gave me goosebumps and it made me feel so grateful to have a daughter that I get the privilege of going to things like band concerts.

Dancing With the Stars

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My brother got us tickets to the Dancing With the Stars tour.  He got us really, really, really good seats!  We were so close and it was so fun to see the pros we have watched on TV for so long.  Novalie was so excited and thought it was so totally, seriously amazing.  She did roll her eyes and say, “what is wrong with people?” when all the men pros came out with their shirts off and every lady in the audience went c~r~a~z~y.  So funny.  I noticed some of the pros really excel at Latin dances while others excel at ballroom.  There were some beautiful ballroom numbers and some fun/sassy Latin dances.  Our favorite dancers were Peta and Val overall and Lindsey for ballroom dancing.  I loved sharing this experience with Novalie.  It will be a forever memory for her and I!




Thanks for the tickets Jeff!